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City Chic Collective Limited is an ASX-listed multi-channel retailer with a customer-led offer that appeals to fashion-forward women. Investor information can be found here.

Leading A World of Curves
— Our Vision

We are:

BOLD We are Fearless
We Fit for Confidence
We Are a Sisterhood
We create unique experiences

Our motto

Every customer, every team member, every garment, and every decision embodies these four elements, making City Chic the leading global destination for curvy fashionistas.

The City Chic woman is fun, fashionable, and fearless. With a hectic lifestyle and a passion for fashion, she is not defined by the way she looks, but by the way she feels, and embraces her curves.

Together with our dedication to the latest fashion and our ultimate hourglass fit, City Chic is the global destination for sizes 14-24 that puts fashion first.

Designed to fit. Made to flaunt.
— City Chic Collective

What We've Achieved

  • Over 200 global locations

  • First ever plus size runway at Melbourne Fashion Week

  • Launched Lingerie in Vogue Italia

  • Sold in New Zealand, Europe, North America and the United Kingdom

  • In-store concessions in Macy's

  • Ford+ New York Model Search

  • Designer collaborations including Ed Hardy and Damn You Alexis

  • 870,000+ members